Communicating the written word - comments Communicating the written word 2012-09-08T12:39:58Z 2012-09-08T12:39:58Z This is both a very good comment, and a very established problem. The nature of the issue lies both with cost and convenience; a pirate version can be as cheap as a can of cola in most developing countries. Software companies should intelligently price their products to entice people to buy legitimatly, and even bundle extras like paper books and extra services online. It's well accepted that people avoid paying for digital content, especially when alternatives are on offer, and local police must make an effort to remove such goods and to issue a penalty as a detterent. I love the Arabic typeface; for me it has so much beauty and rich history, and I'd love to devote time to studying it and improving my tajweed and fus7a. Kudos to the software team. Communicating the written word 2011-02-28T19:15:16Z 2011-02-28T19:15:16Z You may not be/become a millionaire as you mentioned it, but you have hundreds of people who love your works, and that is priceless. Communicating the written word 2011-02-28T19:13:38Z 2011-02-28T19:13:38Z Mr. M Boutros is an exceptional calligrapher, designer, artist. which very few artists have his ability to integrate arabic calligraphy& modern art in the arab world. Communicating the written word 2011-02-28T19:11:55Z 2011-02-28T19:11:55Z Boutros understand the pain an artist suffers when s/he has labored long hours on work that is then stolen by others -this is true in every area of the artworld-and certainly includes every type of design, film and writing. So to answer the commenter from Lebanon above, who posed the question, "Who cares?-We do. We care. Love Boutros' practical approach to the issue. Also, love his work. Communicating the written word 2011-02-28T19:11:04Z 2011-02-28T19:11:04Z I would like to highlight on the problem of the programs piracy. In Lebanon everyone have the opportunity to buy illegal copies of any software, movie or album at a very low price. This activity is carried out publicly in many Lebanese shops and also by peddlers whom mostly are Syrians. If Syrians use pirated software and products since they are not allowed to buy them because of the embargo as mentioned in the article, then why they sell these illegal copies outside Syria where legal copies are allowed such as in Lebanon. However, most people in Lebanon prefer buying for less the pirated copies to buying the original ones. Finally, it is worth to mention that there is a law in Lebanon to protect the intellectual property but no one is applying it and any way who cares ? Communicating the written word 2011-02-28T15:28:20Z 2011-02-28T15:28:20Z We are greateful to the arabnews magazine for highlighting the work of such an artist. whom I know that he is dedicated to his Art and his work. And I thank him for contributing in the improvement of real Arabic Art. Communicating the written word 2011-02-28T15:21:36Z 2011-02-28T15:21:36Z Mr Boutros is undoubtedly an artist who's message may find deaf ears in the Arab world where intellectual property means little and making money in any way possible is the norm. Having said this, it is gratifying that this e-magazine is highlighting an area which is not talked about in social circles and the explanation of Mr Boutros the difference between typeface and font is an education. Moreover, providing solutions to those people who wish to preserve the intellectual rights of inventors is a welcome suggestion.