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Tanseek Modern Book A new addition to the Tanseek typeface family

, by George Kandalaft

The already critically acclaimed Tanseek font family is now complete with the launch by Boutros™ of the new Tanseek Modern Book typeface weight. The new weight augments Tanseek’s role as the font of choice for a broad range of corporate and individual multilingual applications.

The Tanseek family was first conceived as an Arabic style of four weights. The next stage was the development of a companion Latin family of fonts, to be visually compatible with the Arabic style, which previously had never been attempted, let alone successfully achieved.
The decision was made for the Latin fonts to have a close relationship with the Arabic style, using visually the same horizontal and vertical stresses when the Arabic and Latin fonts were used alongside each other and this balancing of the two alphabets in four weights worked perfectly.

These best-selling fonts have been used extensively for headline and text setting, giving a contemporary look to a wide number of design applications. For example, Tanseek Light was chosen by Gulf Air as the main body text font, not only for its advertising promotions, but also for its in-flight magazine Gulf Life.

Now, designers faced with a choice between either the light or the medium weight for extensive text setting now have a third option which fits neatly between the two. New Tanseek Modern Book is perfectly designed for smooth reading of text. The launch of a fifth weight in the highly acclaimed Tanseek Modern range is yet another example of the commitment shown by Boutros™ to monitoring and responding to the needs of the market it serves.

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