Calligraphy & Illustration at ART IN ACTION 19-22 July 2012

, by George Kandalaft

Calligraphy and Illustration sit side by side at Art in Action, complimenting and enhancing each other. Jacqueline Sinclair who curates the section explains what visitors can look forward to “this year in Calligraphy and Illustration we are offering an exciting variety of artists including two new illustrators and two letter artists who are old favourites but haven’t demonstrated for several years. I’ve asked the demonstrators to reflect on ideas relating to the Diamond Jubilee. Of course this could take many different forms, and I’m fascinated to see what arises from it.”
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General front lawn


- Celia Lister is a lettering artist with over 20 years experience who enjoys working on wide range of projects exploring the expressive potential of words, often combining with illustration. She will be demonstrating colourful contemporary calligraphic lettering, personalising names, using various tools
- Gaynor Goffe will be demonstrating broad edged pen calligraphy in a variety of Western alphabets. She is particularly interested in the more personal, creative aspect of calligraphy, working with painted backgrounds, gold leaf and collage, and experimenting with capitals and cursive scripts. Gaynor collaborates and exhibits with Tom Perkins, also appearing in the Calligraphy Section

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Iris Milward

- Iris Milward returns for another year with her incredibly popular ‘poetry tiles’. Instead of using pen and ink, she cuts the lettering and illustration into clay, a technique that has been used since Roman times to make patterned floor tiles. She says “I use clay as a medium to carry poetry so that it can be a constant visual presence in our lives”
- Josie Brown uses historical scripts and ancient techniques to inform a wide range of contemporary methods, showing how calligraphy is writing as an expressive art. As well as being highly accomplished in calligraphy, heraldry, gilding and illumination, her impressive book binding and various paper works mark her out as a rare treat

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Paul Antonio

- Paul Antonio will be demonstrating the history of western calligraphy starting from the 4th century BC up to the present. There will also be specific talks on Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and English lettering. His crowd stopping demonstrations will include formal square edged brush and pen, as well as pointed pen calligraphy, different aspects of decorative flourishing and modern tools and scripts
- Tom Perkins is one of the most influential designer-craftsmen working in the field of carved lettering in stone and slate today. His highly individual work is much sought after and has been exhibited and sold in exhibitions at Sotheby’s, Bonhams and The Gallery in Cork Street, London. He collaborates and exhibits with Gaynor Goffe, and will be demonstrating letter carving in stone with mallet and chisel


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Penny Dale

- Penny Dale illustrates children’s books using a variety of mediums including ink, crayon and watercolour. This is her third visit to Art in Action and this year she will bring her new book Dinosaur Zoom! (the sequel to Dinosaur Dig!) At last years event she was roughing out drawings direct onto her iPad, which children loved watching and also got to try
- Imogen Clare is new to Art in Action. This talented young artist won the prestigious Macmillan Prize for Children’s Picture Book Illustration in 2007 while she was still a second year BA student. Her book Lucy Goes to Market has since become a best seller

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Paul Kidby

- Paul Kidby has worked as an illustrator for 26 years using traditional materials and techniques; his work has an international following and he is especially known for his depictions of Terry Pratchett’s ’Discworld’. He also sculpts many of his illustrations and exhibits his artwork and bronzes all over the UK

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Jackie Morris

- Jackie Morris returns for a fourth year with her nature-based watercolour illustrations. She works across a number of disciplines, as an illustrator, painter and writer and at Art in Action she will be showing how a book is put together, from ideas to sketchbooks to dummy books and finished paintings. She will also bring her new book I am Cat. Endorsed by Joanna Lumley and published in 5 different languages this will be its world premiere and the first chance to see a copy
- David Holmes is new to Art in Action. Described as ‘achingly dapper’ he began his career in advertising and became the co-founder and Creative Director of Holmes Knight Ritchie. He has illustrated for the Chelsea Flower Show, the Los Angeles Times and he recently designed a stamp to celebrate the Olympics

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Date/time: 19-22 July 2012, open 10am-5.30pm daily