A new typeface for the 21st century

BoutrosArlette Sans

, by George Kandalaft

Following the success of the ground breaking Tanseek family of fonts - a genuine first in the combination of Arabic and Latin alphabets - Boutros™ has released BoutrosArlette, a structurally and visually compatible Arabic and Latin typeface family.

The new family of BoutrosArlette fonts has been designed by the same team as Tanseek, with Dave Farey and Richard Dawson providing the Latin, and Arlette Boutros creating the Arabic. Now, however, the emphasis has shifted marginally from print use to web and screen applications.

A new and important factor within the Arabic design is the reduction of the long ascenders such as the alef, which now allows for close line spacing, especially useful when Arabic and Latin texts are set alongside each other.

As with Tanseek, the Arabic alphabet was designed first, which to a large extent dictated the aspect and form of the Latin counterpart. As a result, both alphabets, apart from their visual balance, are very distinctive as type designs - unique, striking and contemporary.

The letterforms of the Arabic and Latin alphabets are slightly wider than the majority of comparable sans serif fonts, more in the style of ’Avenir’ or ’Gotham’ than the more visually condensed ’Helvetica’ or ’Futura’.

Available from the start in five weights, BoutrosArlette fulfils the typographic palette for text and display, and demonstrates the commitment shown by Boutros™ to the market it serves.

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