Boutros Arlette

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Family Pack (one license only): £480.00

Boutros Arlette

Designers: Boutros Fonts / Arlette Boutros, Dave Farey, Richard Dawson.

BoutrosArlette Sans is softer, rounder and less austere than the mechanically constructed sans serif typefaces, either Arabic or Roman, designed during the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The typeface can be described as ’monoline’ because of its rounded edges and accentuated free flowing letterforms that help to create a smooth reading.

With 5 weights, Arlette Sans fulfils the typographic palette for text and display, and is quite different from Tanseek Modern. The new typeface is more open and on average the characters are 7% wider than Tanseek Sans. 

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Clients  Sheikh Mansoor Festival, Al Quraishi, Tajawal.