Combining Fine Art with Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy evolved during the last millennium and continues to flourish in the contemporary Arab world. Using traditional skills, bamboo pens and special inks, skilled Arabic calligraphers continue to play an important role in art and communications on an international scale. Time-honoured calligraphic styles like Ruq’a, Naskhi, Ta’liq, Diwani, Thuluth and Kufic remain core, but Arabic calligraphers today are reaching new heights of excellence.

Trained with Lebanon’s most celebrated calligrapher Fahd Al Andari, Mourad Boutros takes the traditional art of calligraphy to another level, fusing it with painting across various media. Most of his artworks have been developed in cooperation with leading artists, including the renowned Emmanuel Guiragossian, Arlette Haddad, Krikor Agopian, Metin Salih, Christine Jamil and others.

These exclusive pieces focus on a wide array of themes, including love, horses, falcons, and many others. The exquisite calligraphy blends perfectly with the visual background developed by the painter bringing out the flexibility of the former and the beauty of the latter.

Some of these works are available for sale on our website, either as originals or as limited editions.